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We teach people how to appreciate and save bees, instead of viewing them as "scary, stinging insects" that need to be killed.

Mason bee housing

Pictured above: A European orchard bee (Osmia cornuta) collecting nectar from a goat willow flower.

LearnBees is a website dedicated to bee education and conservation. We teach people how to appreciate and help bees instead of fearing and killing them.

Bees aren’t “aggressive, stinging insects.” Instead, bees are a keystone species on every continent except Antarctica. Without bees, our ecosystems would drastically change forever. At LearnBees, our mission is to change the way people think about bees, one article at a time. 

Our content discusses many bee species, including carpenter bees, mason bees, sweat bees, bumble bees, honey bees, and more.

We teach readers how to plant flowers, provide water, and reduce chemicals to save their local pollinators. We also teach beekeepers the best practices to safely manage their hives while prioritizing honey bee health.

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If you’d like to advertise with LearnBees Media, contact us at [email protected]. Our portfolio is the most-trusted, science-backed bee content available online. Our audience cares about the conservation of bees. 

Over 200 Expert-Reviewed Articles

honey bee checking on honeycomb

Pictured above: A female honey bee (Apis mellifera) checking on honeycomb cells within the hive.

Whether you’re here to study beekeeping, learn about different types of honey, or get some tips for protecting bees, you’ve found the right resource. You’ll discover hundreds of expert-written and science-backed articles. We cite our sources and carefully fact-check the information placed throughout our content. 

Our goal is to be your ultimate resource for all things beekeeping and bees. The content you’ll find on this website is frequently updated to ensure it meets our strict Editorial Policy. 

You’ll also find a team of writers who are passionate about bee protection and research. Without the help of our writers, editors, developers, and readers – we could not exist. 

sweat bee on yellow flower

Pictured above: A sweat bee (Augochlora pura) collecting nectar and pollen from a flower.

beekeeper checking on honey bee hives

Pictured above: A beekeeper inspecting beehives using a bee smoker and hive tool.

honey bees flying towards hive

Pictured above: A honey bee (Apis mellifera) colony flying towards Langstroth beehive.

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